• Backup with Snapshots of all your GitHub Repositories
  • Backups include Metadata like Issues, Milestones and More
  • Restore directly to GitHub or Download Backups

Recurring Backups

Create daily recurring backups of your public and private GitHub repositories. Having a backup protects you from forced push accidents, involuntary deletions or loss of information in your metadata.

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Backup Snapshots

BackHub creates daily snapshots of all your backups. You can easily restore a previous state of your repository or metadata up to 30 days back in time.

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Backup Issues, Milestones and more

Backups include not only the repository with all branches, but also all metadata like issues, milestones, releases etc. associated with the repository.

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Download Files and Metadata

If you want to have a quick look into a backup without restoring it back to GitHub, you can download the latest checkout of your main branch as a ZIP file and and all Metadata as JSON files.

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Restore Repositories

Whether you need to work on a repository you’ve archived or need to recover a damaged repository, BackHub can restore your repository including metadata like issues and more directly back to GitHub via the GitHub API.

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Plans start at $9 USD for up to 10 repository backups

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