• BackHub does all the work of daily backups without you having to think about it. But how does BackHub actually work? Here is a quick read covering the basics - what BackHub is, what goes on in setup, installation, backup creation and updates, snapshots, cloud sync and what are the options for data recovery.

    BackHub in a nutshell

    Backhub is a cloud to cloud backup solution for GitHub repositories.

    Backups include metadata, such as issues, and come with daily snapshots up to 30 days back in time.

    With BackHub you can restore repositories and metadata to GitHub, clone from BackHub servers, as well as download your data.

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  • Today we have a super-quick post to answer a few frequent questions we get at BackHub.

    Have you ever wondered if you can…

    • Restore any GitHub repository?
    • Clone a repository anytime?
    • Sync to your own cloud storage?
    • Access repository data even if GitHub is down?
    • Back up more than 900 repositories?
    • Recover from a disaster?
    • Easily get more quick answers?

    The one, super-quick answer to ALL these questions is…


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  • Have you ever felt that software seems to have a mind of its own, is sometimes stubborn, and works a bit against you? Unfortunately, this behaviour happens - and can lead to losing intermediate steps of our work, or even losing the entire results that we have computed so far.

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  • Today, we are releasing Cloud Sync, the most-requested feature to date. Cloud Sync is an option for automatically syncing your GitHub repository backups to your own Amazon S3 storage, with other cloud storage providers to be supported in future.

    Until now, backups have been stored on our data storage only, so customers lack direct access to them. Backups have only been accessible through the user interface for download, restore or by cloning from our server via SSH.

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  • We’re excited about taking BackHub to the next level this year!

    We highly value customer feedback and also like to be transparent about our plans. These plans are based both on customer feedback and keeping up with evolving industry standards.

    In this post I’ll share our priority projects for 2019.

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