Announcing BackHub Enterprise

While building and running BackHub the last three years, we got lots of user feedback and learned a lot about how a backup solution for GitHub should be like.

One major concern of larger organizations is often to hand over their most valuable data to a young and small startup in a foreign country for the purpose of creating backups.

A distributed version of BackHub that is being run on site behind the firewall could solve this issue but would have many drawbacks in terms of maintainability and convenience.

We’ve decided to go with a solution that lets you use your own, separate storage account with an independent third party company (Amazon S3) to keep all the convenience of a service that is run in the cloud while keeping full control of their data. Another big advantage of this solution is that your data can be accessed anytime, even if GitHub AND BackHub is unavailable.

If you are interested in using BackHub Enterprise for your organization, please send us a message to