Changes in Repositories list

About a month ago we have introduced GitHub Organizations in BackHub. During a four weeks migration period, repositories owned by organizations you are associated with have been listed alongside your personal repositories.

Today this migration period ends. In order to create new backups of repositories owned by any of your organizations, please use a BackHub organizations account. Existing backups will remain in your personal account, or you can easily transfer them to the organization’s account using the transfer service in the account settings of your organization.

Another important change is that we will stop listing repositories you are collaborating on and that are owned by another GitHub user. We believe that the repository owner should be responsible for backups.

We want to keep things simple. From today on the repositories list works as follows:

  • Personal account: Show all repositories you are owner of
  • Organizations account: Show all organization’s repositories

If you have questions or need help to transition to an organizations account, please contact us.