Download Issues, Milestones and all Metadata associdated with your GitHub repository

Being able to download backups of your GitHub repository including issues, milestones, labels etc. has been the most requested feature since we started BackHub. You can always restore backups back to GitHub, but what if GitHub is temporarily not available or if you want to quickly have a look into the issues of a repository’s backup and you don’t have enough free private repositories in your GitHub plan to restore it?

For this reason we are releasing a new feature today that let’s you download all metadata associated with a repository, including issues, milestones, labels, releases, commit comments and review comments. They come as separate JSON files so you can easily search across all content in your preferred editor.

You’ll find the button for downloading the metadata next to the restore button in the details view of a backup:

Download GitHub Metadata Like Issues, Milestones, Labels, ...

This is just the first milestone. We are currently working on making your files available for download as well. We’re curious about your feedback.