• In June 2018 many of us were surprised to see Microsoft announce the purchase of the developer platform GitHub for $7.5 billion. GitHub confirmed the deal [1]. Wow! What a bomb. This is only the tenth multi-billion dollar acquisition of Microsoft in its history.

    As developers and frequent users of this platform, quite a few important questions instantly popped up. Specifically, we started asking:

    • How will this change of ownership affect us and our work at GitHub?
    • Will we be able to access our repository code in the future in the same way?
    • Should we keep our repositories there or create backups?
    • What are the alternatives to GitHub that offer the same features?
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  • Today we are excited to announce that BackHub is now available on GitHub Marketplace. It’s an all new version of BackHub that comes with a new feature called “Backup Snapshots” and is built as a GitHub App for a more solid integration, allowing granular, read only permissions in order to easily create backups of your repositories.

    Read on for more details or start right away to use the new BackHub.

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  • You can now download the full GitHub repository including all branches directly from BackHub.

    Until now it was only possible to download a checkout of the latest commit in your master branch as a zip file. However, many users found it irritating that the download contains only files from one branch and thought the GitHub repository backup was incomplete.

    That’s why we have changed things and it is now possible to download the complete GitHub repository directly from BackHub. That comes in handy if you don’t want to restore the complete repository back to GitHub but still want to work with the repository on your local machine or transfer it to another service.

    Another minor thing we’ve changed is the filename of the downloaded zip file. It’s now using the repository’s name as a filename.

    In future we are planning to support cloning directly from BackHub servers via https.

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  • While building and running BackHub the last three years, we got lots of user feedback and have learned a lot about what a backup solution for GitHub should provide.

    We know that large organizations may have concerns about handing over their most valuable data to a small startup in a foreign country for the purpose of creating and maintaining backups.

    A distributed version of BackHub that is being run on site behind the firewall could address this concern yet have drawbacks in terms of convenience and maintainability.

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  • We’ve been running and improving BackHub since 2014 as part of our web development agency /gebrüderheitz GmbH & Co. KG. We’ve been growing and learning ever since and are now moving things over to a separate business entity, the so called “BackHub UG”, based in Berlin, Germany. From now on, BackHub.co is being run by BackHub UG (limited liability).

    Therefore we’re updating our terms of service and privacy policy. If you’d like to read our updated terms, you can do so here. Everything else stays the same, same conditions, same team, same service.

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