• While building and running BackHub the last three years, we got lots of user feedback and have learned a lot about what a backup solution for GitHub should provide.

    We know that large organizations may have concerns about handing over their most valuable data to a small startup in a foreign country for the purpose of creating and maintaining backups.

    A distributed version of BackHub that is being run on site behind the firewall could address this concern yet have drawbacks in terms of convenience and maintainability.

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  • We’ve been running and improving BackHub since 2014 as part of our web development agency /gebrüderheitz GmbH & Co. KG. We’ve been growing and learning ever since and are now moving things over to a separate business entity, the so called “BackHub UG”, based in Berlin, Germany. From now on, BackHub.co is being run by BackHub UG (limited liability).

    Therefore we’re updating our terms of service and privacy policy. If you’d like to read our updated terms, you can do so here. Everything else stays the same, same conditions, same team, same service.

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  • We have renamed a couple of things in the list of repository backups and introduced a new differentiation between archived backups with upstream to the original repository at GitHub and archived backups without upstream.

    Let me explain in detail what these different states mean and how they look like:

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  • In addition to “Download Metadata” which let’s you download all metadata of your GitHub repository backup like GitHub issues, milestones and more, you can now also download the GitHub repository of a GitHub repository backup as a ZIP archive.

    The archive contains a checkout of all files from the head of your default branch in your GitHub repository. It’s much like the “Download ZIP” Button you know from GitHub.

    This is especially handy if you want to quickly have a look into your files without having to restore the whole repository back to GitHub.

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  • Being able to download GitHub repository backups including GitHub issues, milestones, labels etc. has been the most requested feature since we started BackHub. You can always restore backups back to GitHub, but what if GitHub is temporarily not available or if you want to quickly have a look into the issues of a GitHub repository backup and you don’t have enough free private repositories in your GitHub plan to restore it?

    For this reason we are releasing a new feature today that let’s you download all metadata associated with a repository, including GitHub issues, milestones, labels, releases, commit comments and review comments. They come as separate JSON files so you can easily search across all content in your preferred editor.

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