• You can now add and change invoice details in your account settings. Add specific contact or tax information to your invoices, like your full business name, VAT identification number, or address of record.

    Changed invoice details will only affect future invoices. If you want to change invoice details of past invoices, please contact support@backhub.co.

    Besides that, invoices are now emailed to your GitHub primary email address. You can change the email address for receiving invoices in your account settings. This is especially useful for enterprise users who want to send invoices directly to bookkeeping without having to save and forward them manually.

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  • Thanks to recent Github API changes we’re now able to list private forks. They are indicated with these icons before the title of the repository in the repository list. This specific feature has been requested a couple times.

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  • We have some exciting news: we just launched a complete refactoring of the app front end. This was an important milestone for us to prepare for upcoming features and improvements.

    What has changed?

    We have combined repositories and backups into one advanced list view, from where you can see all your GitHub repositories and the associated backup in one place.

    The list view is now separated into 3 sections:

    • Repositories without backups, so you have all repositories you might want to backup in one place
    • Active, showing all repositories with active daily recurring backups
    • Inactive, showing all repositories which have a backup but are not recurring or don’t have connection to the original repository at GitHub. For instance, repositories become inactive automatically once you delete the original repository at GitHub. You can keep inactive repositories at BackHub as an archive. In case BackHub does have a connection to the original repository, you have the option to restart daily recurring backups.
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  • Today we are introducing yearly plans. This has been requested a lot, especially by our corporate users.

    Yearly plans can be a great way to simplify bookkeeping if, for example, you’re required to submit expense reports every time you use your credit card. With our new yearly plans you have to do that only once a year. 

    Having a yearly plan you can still cancel or change your plan at any time. Let’s say you are downshifting from a higher plan, BackHub will automatically calculate the difference in price and make a refund on the next bill.

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  • Today we introduce the often requested feature “daily recurring backups”. Once activated, BackHub automatically backs up your repository incl. associated meta data on a daily basis.

    For existing backups recurrence is deactivated. If you need an always up to date backup of your repository please login and activate “recurring daily”.

    Once you delete your repository on GitHub but keep the backup as an archive on BackHub, recurrence is automatically being deactivated.

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