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Can I use Backhub to export GitHub Issues?

Yes, you can use BackHub to export GitHub issues. GitHub repository backups include not only the repository itself but also the metadata like GitHub issues, milestones and more associated with it. You can find a list of what is included in a GitHub repository backup here.

Backup repository

If you want to export GitHub issues, you must first create a full backup of your repository. If you haven’t already, follow the instructions on how to install BackHub here. Once installed, wait until the backup of your GitHub repositories is completed.

Download GitHub issue export

Then open the panel of the repository backup that contains the issues you would like to export. If you have installed BackHub earlier, you can choose from older snapshots or stick with current. Click the button “Download Metadata”.

Export GitHub issues with BackHub

The download comes as a ZIP file and contains a folder “issues” wich contains the export of your GitHub issues. Each issue comes as a JSON file and it’s filename is equivalent to the issue ID.

The GitHub issue export contains all sorts of information. Besides the author, assignee and labels of the GitHub issue, you will find the title and body most important. Search for “title”: and “body”: to quickly find what you are looking for.

You can use the GitHub issue export to archive a repository you are not working any longer or process the data for any other purpose.