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Does BackHub backup GitHub issues?

Yes, you can use BackHub to backup GitHub issues. GitHub issues are part of the metadata BackHub is storing in a backup in addition to the GitHub repository itself.

If you want to backup GitHub issues, follow these steps:

1. Install BackHub

If you haven’t already, follow the instructions on how to install BackHub. If you want to backup issues from a single repository only, make sure to limit access to the particular repository only during the installation process. Once installed, wait until the backup of your GitHub repository containing the GitHub issues you’d like to backup is completed.

2. Restore or download backup of GitHub issues

If you create a backup, it’s important to test it’s integrity. Once the backup is created, download the metadata and unzip it on your harddrive. You will find a folder with the name “issues” containing your GitHub issues as JSON files. You can also restore the metadata to GitHub starting the restore process, described in this FAQ. The GitHub issues contain various information such as author, assignee and labels of the GitHub issue. For example, search for “title”: and “body”: to quickly find what you are looking for.

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