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How do I cancel my account?

1. Cancel your GitHub Marketplace plan

If you want to cancel your account, first you need to cancel your plan on GitHub Marketplace.

Please head over to GitHub Marketplace, click “Edit your plan” and choose the account’s plan you want to cancel.

GitHub Marketplace edit plan

In the “Edit your plan” dialog, you will find a link “Cancel this plan” in the bottom of the box where you can choose a plan.

GitHub Marketplace plan cancellation

When you cancel a plan, it stays active until the end of the current billing cycle. When your plan has expired, any existing backup in your account is being deleted.

2. Uninstall the BackHub GitHub app

Next, you need to uninstall the BackHub GitHub app.

Uninstall BackHub GitHub app

When you uninstall the BackHub GitHub app, any existing backup in your account is being deleted after 24 hrs.

3. Revoke access

In case you don’t have any other BackHub installations, you can also revoke access for your personal GitHub user, which has been necessary to manage BackHub installations. Head over to the settings of your GitHub user and click “Revoke” for BackHub.

Revoke access for BackHub