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How can I choose larger plans with 600+ repository backups?

Plans with 600 repository backups or more are currently only available on request. This is because GitHub doesn’t allow for more than 5 plans in parallel on GitHub Marketplace and must therefore be paid outside the marketplace.

1. Send us an email

Please send us an email with your requested plan and the username/organization you want to purchase the plan for. You can also use the support form or the chatbox in the app.

2. Wait for our confirmation

We will manually setup your account for the requested plan, please wait for our confirmation before proceeding.

3. Enter your credit card details

Please head over to and choose the user/organization in the select box on the top right of the screen. Then enter your credit card details as well as the billing email where you’d like to receive invoices. If your business is registered in the EEA other than Germany, please provide us with your VAT ID.

4. Cancel your GitHub Marketplace plan

To avoid duplicate billing, you need to cancel your plan on GitHub marketplace. Please head over to GitHub Marketplace, click “Edit your plan” and choose the right account.

GitHub Marketplace edit plan

In the “Edit your plan” dialog, you will find a link “Cancel this plan” in the bottom of the box where you can choose a plan.

GitHub Marketplace plan cancellation