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How do I migrate from BackHub basic to the new BackHub?

If you have a BackHub basic account, you can upgrade for free to the new BackHub app (i.e., BackHub on GitHub Marketplace). You can keep your current plan and there is no need to purchase a plan on GitHub Marketplace.

How to migrate/upgrade:

  1. Install the BackHub app from the GitHub app directory. Allow access to all repositories you want to backup. You can follow more detailed instructions here.

  2. We will be notified when you migrate. If you have backups of repositories that no longer exist in your GitHub account (archived backups), we will manually migrate them into your new account. This may take a few days, but we will send you a notification when the migration is complete.

  3. Access your backups at Manage your billing information at We will soon integrate your billing into the new BackHub app as well.

If you need assistance during the migration, please reach out anytime. We’re happy to help.