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What's the difference between BackHub basic and BackHub on GitHub Marketplace?

BackHub basic is the service we have developed and run since 2014. It will be discontinued in late 2019. BackHub on GitHub Marketplace is a new service, available since December 2017 on GitHub Marketplace and built using the GitHub apps integration.

Here are the main differences between the two services: 1. BackHub on GitHub Marketplace creates snapshots of up to 30 days back in time, whereas BackHub basic can only create one backup that is updated on a daily basis. 2. BackHub on GitHub Marketplace is available through GitHub Marketplace, which means the service is billed on your GitHub invoice. There is no need for a separate billing account with BackHub. 3. BackHub basic is built as a GitHub OAuth application, whereas BackHub on GitHub Marketplace uses the GitHub apps integration. This has numerous benefits because of how BackHub works on an operational level. A few of these benefits are:

  • GitHub apps allow more fine-grained permissions that enable us to only request the permissions needed to create and restore backups.
  • GitHub apps get a dedicated token while an OAuth app must apply the user token. Creating backups through user tokens can cause problems, especially in the context of an organization. For example, backups cannot be updated when an organization admin has created the account but is no longer admin of that organization.