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Why are my backups inactive?

When a backup is “inactive” it is marked with a yellow border.

Inactive GitHub repository backup

There are two possible reasons for an inactive backup.

a) A backup for this repository hasn't been created yet

This is the case when you have set the installation for access to select repositories only, and you later add new repositories to the list of repositories the installation can access.

BackHub checks each installation for new repositories every 24 hrs. This means that backups for the new repositories will be automatically created during a 24 hr cycle. Created repositories are listed in the “active” section with a green border.

b) The backup routine for this repository has been stopped

This occurs when you have reached the quota of your current plan and new repositories have been added either to your GitHub account for this installation, or to the list of repositories this installation can access.

Note: If you have inactive backups, either purchase a larger plan, or limit access to select repositories for this installation for the maximum amount of your current plan.