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Why do I need a backup?

There are many reasons why you might want to consider keeping an extra off site backup of your repositories.

The number one cause of data loss comes directly from users. Here are a few scenarios that could lead to loss of data in a GitHub repository:

  • A repository has been deleted accidentally from GitHub.
  • The history of a repository can be changed with git-reset or git-rebase and therefore has led to loss of data with a forced push.
  • The contents of an issue, milestones etc. has been changed or deleted accidentally. Since there is no versioning for metadata, without a backup it is gone forever.

There are many more other scenarios that could potentially lead to loss of data and it is therefore recommended to backup your data.

With BackHub you can restore your current backup directly back to GitHub or rollback to a previous state of your repository and metadata from any of the backup snapshots up to 30 days back in time.