Recurring GitHub backupUse BackHub to create daily recurring backups of your GitHub repositories

Recurring GitHub repository backup

Create daily recurring backups of your public and private GitHub repositories. Don't worry about maintaining, executing or documenting your own backup script.

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New Sync backups to S3 option

Sync backups to your own cloud storage (currently Amazon S3) to keep an offsite copy of your data and for longterm backup retention.

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Cloud Sync Sync backups to your own cloud storage to keep an offsite copy of your data and for longterm backup retention.
Backup GitHub issues and moreUse BackHub to backup GitHub issues and other metadata like milestones and code comments associated with the repository

Backup Issues, Milestones and more

Backups include not only the repository with all branches, but also all associated metadata, such as issues, milestones, pull requests, releases, wikis and more

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Daily Backup Snapshots

BackHub creates daily snapshots of all your backups. You can easily restore a previous state of your repository or metadata up to 30 days back in time.

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GitHub backup with snapshotsUse BackHub to createa a daily snapshot of your repository
Restore repository to GitHubUse BackHub to restore your repositories and metadata to GitHub

Restore Repositories

When you need to recover a repository, you can restore your repository including metadata, such as issues and milestones, directly back to GitHub via the GitHub API.

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Clone from BackHub servers

You can clone any snapshot of your GitHub backup directly from BackHub. This means you can access your data anytime, even if GitHub is temporarily not available.

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Clone from BackHub serversUse BackHub as a fallback server to clone from in case GitHub is not available
Automatic Backup CreationUse BackHub to check your GitHub accuont on a daily basis and automatically create backups for you

Automatic Backup Creation

BackHub checks your GitHub account on a daily basis for new repositories and automatically creates backups.

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Download GitHub repository and Metadata

You can download the GitHub repository or metadata directly from BackHub without having to restore it back to GitHub.

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Download Github repositoryUse BackHub to download GitHub repository including all branches and metadata associated with it
Share backups among your GitHub organizationUse BackHub to share backups among your team and have and don't worry about documenting your own backup script

Share Backups among your Team

BackHub supports GitHub organizations. When you create backups for your organization, all owners and admins can access and restore these backups too.

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Archive Repositories

Use BackHub as your repository archive, and at GitHub remove repositories on which you are no longer working.

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Archive GitHub RepositoryUse BackHub to archive GitHub repositories and remove them from your account